Norwegian company takes top honour at 2008 Water Innovation Awards

Posted by Isobel Drake on 25th September 2008

Isklar Norwegian glacial natural mineral water has scooped the highest accolade of Best Overall Concept and winner of the Platinum Award, as well as being awarded silver in the Best New Brand category, at this week’s 2008 Water Innovation Awards.

The Awards, which recognise excellence and creativity on a unique global platform, were known as the Bottledwaterworld Awards for the past five years. An international panel of experts, made up of buyers and industry leaders, judged over two hundred entries from forty countries.

Isklar won the award due to the design of the packaging, which ensured it stood out on retailers’ shelves, their marketing campaign and their commitment to minimising their environmental impact.

The Isklar factory is powered by hydro-electricity, so no carbon emission is produced during bottling, and was created by converting an old woollen mill incorporating energy-efficient practices and state-of-the-art equipment. The plant is located directly next to the Hardangerfjord, so bottles can be loaded straight onto a container ship and the carbon footprint is minimised further by ‘piggy-backing’ off existing shipping routes. The bottle is made from recyclable PET, and their state-of-the-art recycling facilities ensure that they have the capacity to re-process 10 bottles for every one sold. To develop sustainability further, Isklar aims to incorporate recycled PET into new bottles over time, thus reducing demand for non-renewable resources.

“We are delighted to be recognised by the WIA and to accept these awards from our industry peers,” CEO of Isklar, Peter Krogh. “From concept through to on-shelf, Isklar has been a resounding success and will continue to go from strength to strength.”

John Mathers, COO of strategic brand consultancy Blue Marlin, which was responsible for Isklar’s brand development and packaging design, added that “bold” brands were needed in turbulent times. “We’re delighted that innovation which brings commercial success has been recognised at these awards,” he commented. “Especially during times of economic uncertainty, it is clear that brands that are prepared to be bold and challenge the status quo will succeed and achieve the recognition they deserve.”

Other winners included:

Gold – Best Bottle (Glass): Evian bottle from Danone

Gold – Best Bottle (PET): Panama Blue from Panama Springs, which resembled contemporary wine bottles

Gold – Best Label category: Ganicwater from Germany’s Ganic Consumer Products

Gold – Best Children’s Concept: Jupik Aqua from Hoop Polska

Gold – Packaging Innovation: Krones of Germany for their pouch (NitroPouch) concept.

Gold – Best Enhanced Water: The low-calorie range of infused water from America’s owater

Gold -Best Flavoured Water Concept: Ritmo Luso from Portugal’s Sociedade Central de Cervejas e Bebidas

Gold – Best Marketing Campaign: Gerolsteiner – for the ‘real-time’ link to their cycling team in the Tour de France

Gold – Best Ethical or Humanitarian Initiative: Eden Springs Israel for their pre-school water drinking program.

Gold – Best Environmental/Sustainability Initiative: Highland Spring, which piloted the ‘Carbon Action Plan’.

Gold – Best New Brand/Business: Y Water