Eagle Boys finds flexibility the key to their expansion plans

Posted by Editorial on 10th November 2008

Australian pizza franchise Eagle Boys has recognised the need to develop a new store model in order to thrive in small towns.Called the “Local Store Model”, the new range of franchised stores will be established in towns with a population of between 2,500 and 5,000 residents. The stores will have a smaller store footprint, and open for fewer hours (4.30pm to 9pm daily) with an optional delivery service but will still offer the same menu.

The new model is part of the company’s robust expansion strategy, which will see Eagle Boys operating 400 Australian stores by 2011 – up from the current figure of around 240. Eagle Boys Pizza

Eagle Boys Managing Director Todd Clayton said the Local Store Model recognised that not all towns and cities in Australia were the same, requiring different business models to operate efficiently and profitably. “The new model builds on the strong brand presence of Eagle Boys and presents another opportunity to further bolster the brand in regional Australia,” he claimed. “The Local Store Model delivers the best of both worlds in being able to establish an Eagle Boys store in small towns, while at the same time creating a rewarding and profitable new business opportunity for franchisees.”

The Model is designed to suit the smaller town environment due to its reduced operating costs, according to Mr Clayton. “Apart from requiring a smaller investment from franchisees, the new store model is profitable because it has smaller occupancy costs, requires less staff, and has a lower sales break even point. Many of our existing franchisees with stores in larger regional centres have already expressed interest in establishing these smaller stores in towns in the same region,” he noted.