British shoppers switch supermarkets during downturn

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 28th November 2008

A new survey has discovered that many UK consumers have been willing to change supermarkets during the downturn in order to save money.

In the poll conducted by Empathy Research for, over a third indicated the choice of their current primary supermarket has been influenced “a little” by the credit crunch, with a further 16 per cent suggesting it had been influenced “a lot”.

Only 58% would visit the same supermarket consistently for their weekly shop, with just under half indicating they were basing their decision on promotions. Fifty-five per cent were taking advantage of current promotions and 58% actively sought out discounts, according to

The findings support reported changes in market shares in Britain, with the three discount supermarkets (Aldi, Lidl and Netto) now holding a record market share of around 6.2%, according to TNS.