Bakers Delight on expansion trail

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 5th January 2009

Bakers Delight has announced plans for further expansion across its Australian, New Zealand and Canadian operations in 2009, with the planned launch of around 150 stores.

While much of the retail sector is feeling the pinch of the global financial crisis and in cut-back mode, Bakers Delight reports that they are trending positively against the economic downturn. As part of an aggressive growth campaign, the company is looking to recruit 150 new franchisees across its international network and will also hire 500 apprentice bakers to help facilitate this growth.

Bakers Delight is on track to post global revenues of $570 million in FY09 and over six per cent growth in Australia alone – where they have a market share of just under 15 per cent.

“Our business is in growth, despite economic pressures. We provide households with a staple product offering and are seeing more people go back to basics rather than splurging on big ticket items,” Roger Gillespie, co-founder and CEO of Bakers Delight announced. “The market for fresh bread continues to grow in line with the trend towards healthy eating at home.”

The fresh bread market in Australia is currently worth AUD $2.69 billion.

Bakers Delight’s expansion plans in 2009 will see it look for franchisees for new and existing sites across the network. This will include 25 stores across NSW and ACT, 19 in WA, 18 across VIC and TAS, 18 in QLD, 15 across SA and NT, five in New Zealand and 50 in Canada, where the company trades under ‘COBS Bread’.

“The holiday season is traditionally a time when people reassess their options and the growth and security of the franchising industry is likely to hold great appeal as many people approach 2009 with a sense of uncertainty as other companies consider cut backs,” Mr Gillespie suggested.