Cascade gets resized as Foster’s admits marketing blunder

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 24th February 2009

Australia’s largest brewer, Foster’s, is reinstating the 375ml range of Cascade beers after loyal customers of the brand voiced their disapproval regarding a decision to reduce the bottle size by 45ml in March last year.

Their customers were upset that the fall in volume was not met with a consequent drop in price, as the company sought to give the bottle a more “European” appearance.

Foster’s spokeswoman Felicity Watson told AAP today that sales of the Tasmanian produced Cascade Premium Lager plummeted by 33% after the decision to cut the volume. “At the time that the millilitres dropped the wholesale price remained the same, and so did the recommended retail price,” Ms Watson noted. “We made some changes to Cascade and we acknowledge we made the wrong changes and we acknowledge that we got it wrong and now we are bringing back the 375ml. It was the wrong thing to do and we totally admit that and we are copping it on the chin.”

“We’ve changed the stubby back because many of our drinkers told us that they liked the new look, but preferred the 375ml stubby,” Max Burslem, head brewer at Cascade added. “We had updated the Cascade brand in late 2007 to refresh the range of beers and also bring them in line with our imported competitors. We’ve listened to our beer drinkers, made the changes and now the 375ml stubby is back.”

“And, while the Cascade Premium stubby increases from 330ml to 375ml, the equivalent of almost three extra bottles per case of 24, the wholesale and recommended retail price remain the same.”

The decision to resize the bottle was made in October, with the company announcing the Cascade Premium Lager would be sold in 375ml bottles from this week while the Cascade Blonde and Stout versions are due to be resized later in the year.