UK confectioners reduce Easter egg packaging by up to 50 per cent

Posted by Editorial on 25th February 2009

Confectionery brands, manufacturers and retailers have achieved significant reductions in Easter egg packaging this year – with some eliminating over 50% of materials – tackling the 3,000 tonnes of Easter egg packaging produced in the UK each year.The sector has been responding to increasing consumer pressure to reduce the amount of packaging used, with 59% of UK adults believing that Easter eggs are over-packaged and more wanting action to reduce it, according to recent research.

“With significant packaging reductions achieved across a wide range of Easter eggs this year, it’s clear the industry is listening to customers and making changes that reduce the environmental impact of packaging, while helping customers to recycle more of it,” Mark Barthel, special advisor for WRAP (Waste Resource Action Program), said. “They are also gaining the cost benefits of materials savings and improvements in distribution efficiency.”

WRAP has been working with a group of leading confectionery brands, manufacturers and retailers to support the delivery of this change across the sector, making it easier for the environmental and economic benefits to be delivered along with chocolate eggs this Easter.

“With seasonal confectionery receiving criticism for excessive packaging over recent years, I’m delighted to see the sector responding so positively and collectively. Customers should see a real difference on supermarket shelves this year,” Mr Barthel added.

As well as minimising the weight of packaging, the sector has significantly increased its use of recycled content in packaging – avoiding the need to use virgin materials – and have developed some useful, child-friendly advice on how to recycle it.