Nestlé UK hoping price-marked packaging can spur sales

Posted by Isobel Drake on 13th March 2009

Nestlé is introducing price marked packaging in the UK for a select group of their confectionery products in an endeavour to drive sales. The move comes as market researchers report that price is becoming a more important purchase driver amongst consumers.
The packaging of four items will have the price clearly labelled on the right hand side of the product to ensure the price is clearly communicated. Similar activities in the past have created very strong demand, Nestlé said, and they expect volumes to increase substantially.

“This fantastic value for money proposition is a ‘win win’ situation for both retailers and consumers,” Graham Walker, Nestlé UK Trade Communications Manager, claimed. “Shoppers will save 10p off standard RRP’s (recommended retail prices) and retailers will benefit from increased volume sales and 2 free packs per outer.”