Australians look to natural food for peace of mind

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 1st May 2009

New research has discovered that Australian shoppers are turning to natural food products in a bid to enrich their diets.

According to a study released today, 99 per cent* of Australians are consuming more natural and unprocessed foods as they try to improve their health and wellbeing – with an overwhelming 95 per cent turning to natural foods as as a way to help them remain healthy both today and tomorrow.

Oats, for example, have been one basic food product to reap the benefit of the trend, with almost 60% of Australians putting a box in their shopping trolley last year. Over 19,000 tonnes were sold in 2008 making oats the fastest growing category within breakfast, according to Aztec Scan Data.

And for Dietician, Karen Inge APD, the trend toward natural products comes as no surprise given the heightened focus on health and nutrition.

“A further learning from the research also shows that 91 per cent of Australians are looking to eat foods they know and trust, so you will soon realise why oats is such a popular breakfast choice,” she explained. “Aussies are finally realising that natural products do indeed provide the ultimate combination of essential nutrients and benefits such as improved heart health, without the confusion of excessive choice.”

Natural launches

Food manufacturers around the world have already picked up on soaring demand for natural, according to research into new products from last year – which discovered “natural” claims to be the most prevalent amongst all new releases. Almost one in every four launches had claims that implied the product was natural.

* Based on a Galaxy study of over 1,000 Australian from March 13-15.