Closing of Campbell Arnott’s factory leaves 40 jobless

Posted by Janice Wong on 4th June 2009

Snackfood company Real McCoy announced yesterday that around 40 people would be made redundant at their factory in Shepparton.

Campbell Arnott’s, which sold their snacks division to Real McCoy last year, still manufactured the product after the takeover.

The production line is due to shut-down by the end of next month, leaving around 40 workers without a job.

The Australian Manufacturing Workers Union says that workers had expected to lose their jobs at the Campbell’s Soup factory.

Jason Hefford, spokesperson from AMWU says the workers have known for the past year they would lose their jobs, but did not know exactly when.

“There’ll be a call for voluntary redundancies up to a number of 43 and it comes as really no shock because Real McCoy or Snack Brands Australia purchased it over 12 months ago now,” he said.

“So to the people it’s really not a shock to them.”