Cadbury voted Australia’s most trusted brand for sixth straight year

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 15th June 2009

UK-based confectioner Cadbury has the most trusted brand in Australia, while Arnott’s claimed the award for Australia’s most iconic brand in a list created by Reader’s Digest.

Cadbury, Panadol and Band-Aid claimed the first three spots on the annual Most Trusted list of 158 well-known brands, joined in the top ten by Sony, Colgate, Dairy Farmers, Nokia, Johnson & Johnson, Streets, Peters and Bunnings.

With Cadbury, Streets and Peters in the top ten it shows that Australians voted with their sweet tooth at a time when comfort food has been well and truly on the menu. However, there wasn’t too much patriotism involved in the selections, as nine of the top ten are foreign owned (only Bunnings is owned by an Australian entity).

Social commentator Bernard Salt said that Cadbury had managed to stay at number one for six straight years by largely steering clear of scandal.

“They’ve kept a high public profile standard, and been careful with advertising and promotions,” he told Reader’s Digest.

There was a hint of irony about the selcetion of Australia’s most iconic brand with Arnott’s, the maker of Tim Tams, now owned by America’s Campbell Soup Company. They managed to pip Australia Post and Qantas for the title.