CPG marketers may need to rethink their strategies

Posted by Isobel Drake on 3rd July 2009

The number of men shopping for groceries is on the rise around the world, ensuring that some CPG marketers may need to rethink their strategies to ensure they are not neglecting a valuable portion of the marketplace.

The shift toward a more even spread of male and female grocery shoppers has taken time. In America, Nielsen research suggests that just 14.3% of primary grocery shoppers were men in 1985, a figure that rose to 20.9% in 1991 and to 31.2% this year. Cultural changes, different family units and people getting married later have contributed to the evolving trend. In the US, the percentage of men shopping in all formats has grown over the past five years, with men the primary ppurchaser at convenience stores. Women do continue to spend more, on average, at every channel – according to the research.

“The fact that women conduct more “planned” shopping trips than men is one explanation for the higher dollar amount,” Peter Leimbach, V.P., Multimedia Sales Research at ESPN noted in Nielsen Insights.

And, just what are men more likely to buy?

The usual subjects of male grooming and alcohol are all in the male basket, with 86 per cent of men’s hair colouring products purchased by men. Men’s depilatories (84%); gin (83%); scotch (81%); and pre-shave cosmetics (80%) are the other leaders. However, they also ‘outbuy’ women when it comes to canned seafood (61%), juices (61%), stew (59%), herbal packaged tea (57%), ready-to-serve lasagna (55%), health bars & sticks (54%), non-sliced lunch meat (53%), yoghurt & shakes (52%) and dishwasher rinsing aids (52%).