“Cocooning” trend boosts food manufacturers

Posted by Isobel Drake on 27th July 2009

A rise in the number of home cooked meals has helped cushion the impact of the downturn on supermarkets and manufacturers and is leading to a replenishment of staff at a number of prominent manufacturing sites in Victoria.

Around 60 positions have been added at the Uncle Tobys factory near Wodonga, 50 at each of the Bega and Mrs Crocket’s factories and a number at Fonterra, the state secretary of the National Union of Workers, Anthony Thow, told The Age.

Mr Thow believes the jobs rebound in the manufacturing sector could be linked to the “cocooning” trend, with more Australian families choosing to have dinner at home.

The Victorian Director of the Australian Industry Group, Tim Piper, added that many in the food sector had safely negated the worst, although some areas – like dairy and chocolate – were still confronting particularly turbulent environments.

“There has been a level of consistency in some parts of the food industry that hasn’t been in other parts of manufacturing,” he remarked.