Chocolate manufacturer sees breakout from niche to mainstream

Posted by Editorial on 28th July 2009

Australian chocolate manufacturer, Sweet William, has broken through to the mainstream market with the release of its new Chocolate Mud Spread – featuring 60% less sugar than other mainstream chocolate and hazelnut spreads.

The manufacturer has traditionally been viewed as a specialty health food company as their products are made free from dairy, gluten and nuts to cater for the thousands of Australian’s living with food intolerances or allergies. But they believe Mud offers the opportunity to branch out into the lucrative mainstream market.

Chocolate Mud Spread contains no artificial sweeteners, has a low GI (<25), is low in salt, is free from nuts, gluten and dairy and contains Omega 3.

“One of the issues for us in trying to reach mainstream consumers is the fact that we’re seen as a health food product,” Carol O’Halloran, Marketing Manager of Sweet William, advised. “Chocolate Mud Spread was developed to appeal to the mainstream consumer, giving them a lower sugar, nut free alternative at a competitive price, making it a great choice for school lunch boxes and for all chocolate lovers.”