New additions to name and shame site present timely warning to restaurants

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 16th September 2009

Food retailers and a street food vendor have been caught mishandling and storing food at incorrect temperatures and ended up on the NSW Government’s name and shame website, Primary Industries Minister Ian Macdonald said today.A bakery and a Thai restaurant in Western Sydney and a temporary food stall in Cabramatta have received fines for risking contamination of food due to improper storage and display.

“As the warm spring weather continues across NSW, this is a timely reminder for all food retailers to take care with correct storage of food,” Mr Macdonald suggested. “If food is not stored or prepared properly, particularly during warmer weather, it increases the risk of food poisoning, which can make people very sick and they may have to be hospitalised.”

“In general, all cold food should be stored at 5 degrees Celsius and below, while hot food should be stored above 60 degrees.”

“The NSW Food Authority and councils will continue to be vigilant with all food retailers this summer and make sure they are operating legally, that they have all the equipment to keep food safe, such as refrigeration, cooking and adequate hand-washing facilities.”

From today, 32 food outlets fined for 45 offences appear on the Government’s name and shame list, bringing the total to 758 premises.

Some of the food businesses making the name and shame list today include:

* A street trader in John Street, Cabramatta received two $330 fines for selling raw fish stored between 8.2C to 9C (should be below 5C).
* A bakery at Merrylands Road, Merrylands was fined for displaying meat pies at 27C, (should be above 60C) chicken slices at 14C and mayonnaise at 22C (should be below 5C).
* A Thai restaurant in Market Lane, Rouse Hill was issued three $660 fines for dirty premises, poorly stored foods and for unsafe thawing of frozen food.
* A snack bar in Lyn Parade, Prestons was fined for having cockroaches and live and dead mice in the kitchen.
* A cake shop in John Street Cabramatta was fined after a live cockroach was found in the batter.
* Red Rooster in Smithfield Road, Smithfield was fined $660 fines for accumulation of food waste and grease on exhaust fans.

The Food Authority name and shame list is at