Australian cheese company adapts to changes in consumer demand

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 28th September 2009

Jindi, located in the heart of the Victorian dairy belt and renowned for its award-winning Brie, has expanded its retail offering this month with the introduction of eight new variants in response to changing preferences of cheese consumers.

Jindi Reserve Range

The four new blues, washed rind Rustic Brie and more complex flavoured, premium Reserve range have been developed by veteran cheese artisan, Normandy-born Franck Beaurain, in new state-of-the-art facilities which almost perished in the fires that ravaged Gippsland last March.

“Our Brie first put Jindi on the map and we are extremely proud of its success,” Beaurain, who joined Australia’s largest privately-owned speciality cheese manufacturer company as Factory Manager in January, said. “These new products are a natural extension to our existing range and finally give Australian-owned loyalists more choice.”

The Jindi new blue range takes cheese lovers on a journey from mild to extra with a tasting wheel (featured on each wedge) acting as a compass.

“It’s time our customers can enjoy an entire cheese platter from the brand they loved,” Beaurain added.

The Jindi team, who finetune their boutique cheese-making process daily, have picked up on a change in the focus of many cheese buyers. Indeed, the Jindi Rustic Brie with its distinctive orange washed rind and earthy flavour and the more indulgent white mould Reserve range, featuring Brie, Camembert and Triple Cream Brie, respond to the growing demand for cheese with a more intense experience on the palate.

“If the 80’s and 90’s were about texture and creaminess, the new focus is definitely on taste,” Mr Beaurain concluded.

Jindi Blue Range