Vegemite, Coca-Cola and Tim Tam among Australia’s favourite brands

Posted by Isobel Drake on 6th November 2009

While technology brands are at the top of the tree when it comes to Australia’s favourites, food and beverage brands do not sit too far behind, according to recently released research.

George Patterson Y&R’s Brand Asset Valuator study saw Google top the list of the favourite brands of Australian consumers, however Vegemite (3), Coca-Cola (8) and Tim Tam (9) all claimed top ten positions as food and beverage brands continue to command the attention of consumers. The study, conducted in August and September this year, was based on four main indicators – brand differentiation, relevance, esteem and knowledge.

Healthcare products Panadol, Colgate and Band Aid emerged as the three most trusted brands, while potato chip brand Red Rock Deli reached the list of the fastest growing brands.

“What we’re seeing here are high engagement players taking precedence over the more traditional and prestige brands,” David Evans, National Research Director of GPY&R’S Brand Asset Consulting, advised. “There is a new dynamic here which will have a significant impact on how marketers invest in their in their brands in the future.”