Choice still pushing for price comparison website

Posted by Editorial on 18th November 2009

As the Senate prepares to release their report into the GroceryChoice website, consumer group Choice has renewed its call for the major supermarket chains to offer consumers access to their prices online.Upon controversially scrapping the GroceryChoice website, the Federal Government said they would work with supermarkets toward the possible creation of an industry-run site, something Choice hopes they follow through on.

Choice spokesman Christopher Zinn maintained that the prospect of providing prices online was not as difficult as it has been made out.

“There is no technological barrier to making this information available to Australian shoppers. It’s simply the stubbornness of the big supermarkets which is standing in the way,” he claimed.

“We need a national consensus including government, the Opposition, consumers, farmers, independent supermarkets and industry groups about the need for change. We won’t be able to bring about change without everyone working together.”

The Senate Economics References Committee is due today to hand down its report into the axing of the GroceryChoice website in June.