Australia’s favourite dishes revealed

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 23rd November 2009

Red meat meals make up half the nation’s top 10 dishes, according to a report launched by Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) – and cooking from scratch is becoming a more regular occurrence.

The report, titled Last night’s Dinner, provides an in-depth understanding of Australians’ food preferences and main meal practices.

On top of showing the leading dishes it also shows that Australians are taking the time to cook healthy and nutritious meals from scratch with fresh ingredients, and then eating those meals together around the family dinner table.

“Taking a look at (the report) gives the industry a better understanding of our consumers and what drives their meal time decisions,” said Andrew Cox, MLA’s consumer research manager. “The results debunk some of the myths about what we are eating for dinner, and there is some great news for the red meat industry.”

“Australians are interested in expanding their cooking repertoires, and this has been reinforced by TV cooking shows and a strong focus on diet, food and weight in the media.”

Steak and vegetables remain the most popular dish, the report indicates, followed by roast chicken and vegetables, spaghetti bolognaise and beef casserole/stew/curry/stroganoff in fourth position.

Other findings:

  • Australians tend to incorporate a greater number of vegetables into red meat meals.
  • Australians are staying in, with more than 7 out of 10 meals prepared and cooked at home.
  • 63 per cent of meal preparers prefer to cook a meal from scratch.
  • Women still do most of the cooking at home, but men are demonstrating a willingness to be more involved in the process. However, they are more likely to receive help and prepare fewer vegetables.

The survey also reinforced MLA’s previous research that showed Australians are confident cooks when it comes to familiar meals but that guidance is needed to expand their menus.