Vegemite spin-off yet to hit shelves with new name

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 30th November 2009

The Vegemite cream cheese spin-off has yet to hit shelves under its new name almost two months after the public voted to name the product Cheesybite, but Kraft has dismissed claims that slow sales are to blame.

Kraft initially saw strong sales from their spin-off when it was branded ‘Vegemite Name Me’ as part of a competition to come up with a suitable name. Indeed, almost 3 million jars were sold in its first two and a half months.

The competition led to the initial choice of iSnack 2.0 as an appropriate name, but backlash from the public saw Kraft backtrack and stop production on the iSnack 2.0 product. But, despite a strong reaction to the iSnack 2.0 due to people viewing it as a collectors item, a large amount of stock of the ‘iSnack 2.0′ and’Name Me’ remains on shelves.

However, Kraft maintains that sales have not been lacklustre, rather the legal process had slowed progress down with regard to Cheesybite-branded product.

“(Cheesybite will) not be out until January because it’s still going through the trademarking process,” spokesman Simon Talbot told News Limited.