EU to boost promotion of European food

Posted by Editorial on 3rd December 2009

The European Commission has approved measures to further promote agricultural products from their region.

Member States submitted 20 programmes to the Commission to be examined, with 10 programmes accepted from France, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal and Romania. The products covered are PGI and PDO, wine, fruit and vegetables, meat, spirits, olive oil, and organic products. The EU will contribute around A$18 million.

“EU quality products are second to none,” claimed Mariann Fischer Boel, Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development. “Increasing their visibility on markets outside the EU is a major priority. I see enormous sales potential on overseas markets, where people appreciate the history behind these high quality foodstuffs and wines.”

“By investing in promotion and information campaigns for our products outside the EU, the European Union is showing its determination to take up this challenge.”