Shoppers unconvinced about the impact of their ethical shopping choices

Posted by Editorial on 18th December 2009

British research has discovered that food and grocery shoppers are not yet confident they can make a sustained difference through their shopping choices.

When asked what they feel they can positively influence, shoppers told food and grocery experts IGD:

personal health – 57%
British farmers – 41%
the local economy – 38%
the way animals are treated – 38%
farmers and workers in poorer nations – 26%
the environment – 23%
sustainable fishing – 17%
global warming – 11%

“At the moment the environment and global warming do not feature high up in the list of areas that shoppers feel they can influence through their purchase decisions,” Joanne Denney-Finch, chief executive, IGD, said. “This is an area that many companies are working on to make environmental choices clearer and simpler in the future.”