Staff take A-B InBev managers hostage in Belgium: report

Posted by Editorial on 8th January 2010

Reports from Belgium have suggested that a dozen managers at an Anheuser-Busch InBev brewery in Belgium have been taken hostage after the company announced plans to slash their Belgian workforce by ten per cent.

The world’s largest brewer announced the staff cuts overnight, Australian time, pointing to lower demand in their home country. The cuts will see around 300 people lose their jobs.

The news has not been taken well, with local media reporting that as many as a dozen managers may be being held in an office room next door to the plant.

“We demand that the senior managers will make an on the spot decision to give up the redundancies*,” union representative Marc Delvenne told Belgium’s Belga news agency.

It was unclear how long the action would last.

* Translated from French.