EU keen to distribute profits more evenly across food supply chain

Posted by Editorial on 20th January 2010

The Agriculture Council of the European Union is looking at ways to improve the food supply chain to ensure value is more evenly distributed across the chain and food price fluctuations are not as severe.

Speaking in a press conference at the end of the Council, which was held on Monday, Spanish Minister for the Environment Elena Espinosa said that all the ministers had welcomed the ideas raised.

According to the Spanish minister, several states, including Spain, have a price observatory, although the information they obtain is not subsequently shared. Ms Espinosa advocated for “sharing information on profit margins and determining where the most significant distortions are emerging”.

First and foremost, she said, is the need to “take measures that allow distributing the added value in an equitative manner, so that each link in the chain obtains a fair remuneration”.

“We are all confident that the European food chain will be the driving force of a new sustainable agriculture,” she asserted.

As well as greater transparency in prices, the EU will look to adopt measures that promote more direct contact between retailers and their suppliers, as well as the creation of producer groups.