Environmental claims in advertising now subject to AANA Code

Posted by Isobel Drake on 2nd February 2010

The Australian Association of National Advertisers’ (AANA) has released a Practice Note for its new AANA Environmental Claims in Advertising and Marketing Code, which came into effect on 1 January 2010.

“Given the range of industry sectors and environmental issues to which the Environmental Claims Code applies, the Code itself provides general principles and not overly prescriptive rules,” said AANA CEO, Scott McClellan. “This Practice Note is more detailed, providing clause by clause guidance and examples to assist advertisers and marketers to interpret and adhere to the Code. It will also guide the Advertising Standards Board in adjudicating complaints under the Code.”

The Practice Note further clarifies a number of terms encompassed by the Code including “Environment”, “Environmental Aspect” and “Environmental Claims”.

“Marketers and Advertisers will also gain a better understanding of the regulatory and practical intent of the Code, which will help them to ensure that accurate, specific and straightforward information about the environmental characteristics and qualities of their products and services is provided to consumers,” Mr McClellan added.

The Code has been introduced at a time when consumers have grown wary of ‘green’ claims by manufacturers and are looking for a little more substance behind any promotion of a brand’s environmental credentials.