More arrests in China amid fresh melamine claims

Posted by Josette Dunn on 4th February 2010

Police in China have made fresh arrests in the north of the country amid the latest allegations of the contamination of milk with melamine.

Three men in Shaanxi Province have been arrested over claims they used ten tonnes of milk powder laced with melamine, which were then sent to stores in the south of China.

According to the Shanghai Daily, two men from Shaanxi Lekang Dairy Co. were arrested. A third man, who had reportedly sold Lekang the contaminated milk powder, was also arrested.

Last week, Chinese authorities in Guizhou Province suspended sales from three dairy producers and pulled three batches of products from shelves.

In a separate incident, a dairy company in Shanghai was closed and three of its top officials arrested. Shanghai Panda Dairy Co.’s condensed and powdered milk products were found to contain excessive amounts of melamine.

China’s fledgling dairy industry is recovering from 2008’s melamine scandal in which 300,000 children fell ill and at least six died after consuming dairy products laced with the chemical, which was used to artificially boost protein levels.

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