ALDI launches sustainable canned tuna

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 9th February 2010

ALDI sustainable Ocean Rise White Tuna
ALDI’s new Ocean Rise White Tuna, released last week, is the first brand of canned tuna in Australia awarded the Marine Stewardship Council’s MSC Ecolabel.  The sustainable Pacific Albacore tuna is a white-meat tuna, with a mild taste.
The MSC ecolabel certifies sustainably fished ocean products, including fish and seafood. MSC certified fishing must be sustainable for the fish population, limit unintentional capture of other species in the fishing process, and conform to a Code of Conduct ensuring data transparency and flexibility.Tuna is one of the world’s most overfished species, with breeding populations crashing and demand increasing.  The Atlantic bluefin tuna, the world’s most popular tuna, may have disappeared by 2012 at current rates.
“ALDI is committed to stocking sustainably sourced fish products and is proud to be the first retailer in Australia to offer MSC certified canned tuna. The MSC ecolabel means our customers can be sure they are buying fish that is sustainably sourced from a well‐managed fishery; and by making this choice, they are doing their bit to secure the future of the world’s oceans,” said ALDI Managing Director Tom Daunt.

MSC also welcomed ALDI’s ongoing commitment to sustainable seafood. “With more than 220 stores along the east coast of Australia, ALDI is key to the MSC’s aim to support good fisheries and promote sustainable consumer choices.”

Ocean Rise White Tuna joins ALDI’s MSC Ecolabel-certified ‘Ocean Rise’ range, and will retail at $5.99.