Kangaroo export recovery plan

Posted by Josette Dunn on 10th February 2010

In August last year Australia’s kangaroo export trade collapsed when Russia banned imports of kangaroo meat due to food hygiene concerns.

Exports to Russia accounted for nearly 70 percent of the market for Australian roo meat.

Things are looking up again for Australian roo meat producers however, with an agreement to export kangaroo meat to China now finalised.

Federal Agriculture Minister Tony Burke said: “The formalities with China are now agreed to in terms of the principles of being able to export, and China’s now waiting for a formal application from any Australia exporter.”

In addition to the China deal, the government is hoping to be able to reinstate trade with Russia, to further fuel demand for Australian kangaroo meat.

The Government is spending nearly half a million dollars on retraining kangaroo shooters, with almost 4000 roo shooters to be up-skilled.

“The people we’ve got in the kangaroo industry are already highly trained but there’s some specific changes that do require extra training” said My Burke.

“That will allow them to meet the demands that have been put on us by Russia and hopefully at that point it will allow us to reopen the trade to Russia.”