Seafood industry guide sets a quality benchmark

Posted by Josette Dunn on 10th February 2010

Thanks to their new Seafood Handling Guidelines seafood lovers can count on maximum freshness and quality from catch to plate, says Sydney Fish Market (SFM).

Exceeding current industry standards, the Guidelines set a benchmark for the storage and handling of seafood, that impacts the seafood supply chain nationally.

Louise Nock, Marketing & Communications Manager at Sydney Fish Market said, “SFM is
Australia’s seafood centre of excellence and prides itself on the implementation of industry
best practice in seafood handling”.

An industry ‘bible’ for fishers, buyers and retailers, the guidelines will assist in managing
seafood as it travels from suppliers to SFM’s auction floor and on to fish merchants and

The Sydney Fish Market Seafood Handling Guidelines include a range of storage and transportation topics relevant to fishers and buyers such as seafood spoilage, and protected and prohibited species in NSW.

Ms Nock said the impact of the Guidelines would be felt nationally, as product sold through Sydney Fish Market’s auction is supplied by fishers and aquaculturalists throughout Australia.