Cider and spirits consumption up, alcopops down

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 25th February 2010

A study by Roy Morgan has shown increased consumption of cider and spirits in 2009, and a drop in the number of drinkers of ready-to-drink premixed beverages, known as RTDs or ‘alcopops’.

In December 2009, the estimated number of cider drinkers in Australia was up 45%, to 549,000, over an estimated 379,000 at the same time in 2008 – around 3.3% of Australia’s drinking-age population.  Spirits consumption was up 4.6%, with an extra 200,000 new drinkers.

The RTD market lost 183,000 consumers in 2009, down from 15.4% of drinking-age Australians to 14.3%.

The 2008-9 period coincides with the Federal Goverment’s $20 million dollar anti-binge-drinking campaign, which included advertisments targeting young women, the core of the RTD market.