Organics an everyday choice for Australians

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 2nd March 2010

Organic produce is gradually becoming established in the diet of Australian households, according to Biological Farmers of Australia.

Growth in organic markets in the UK has slowed, leading to speculation that organic foods are considered ‘high-brow’, limiting their appeal to the ordinary customer.  However, research commissioned by the BFA in 2009 showed that organics are being bought across the range of consumers.

“Over 30% of organic consumers have an income below $40,000, demonstrating that organic is not adopted by only higher socio-economic groups. The appeal of organics has shifted to customers more representative of mainstream households, with young children and active lifestyles,” said BFA director Dr Andrew Monk.

“Over half of Australian shoppers – six in every ten – now buy organic at least occasionally, and the availability of organic produce in a diverse range of retail outlets has grown.”

The organic farming industry in Australia was worth $338.3 million in 2009, growing 5.6% from 2008.