P and G launches ad on YouTube

Posted by Josette Dunn on 15th March 2010

Forget TV and billboards, the hottest place to advertise is online! Joining the ranks of dancing babies, sneezing pandas and dance-crazed bridal parties, Procter & Gamble’s Bounty “Bring It” music video debuted on YouTube March 12, 2010.The first-ever music video from the Bounty brand puts a humorous spin on a paper towel product demonstration set to rap music performed by the “Paper Towel Gang.”

The video, approximately two minutes in length, showcases an actual Bounty product demonstration originally created by P&G’s internal Research and Development team.

Dave Lee, Procter & Gamble North American Bounty Delivery Brand Manager said “We are excited to release the music video as a way to bring one of our amazing product demonstrations to life, showcasing Bounty’s benefits in a popular and highly entertaining way.”

Part of the brand’s “Bring It” campaign, the music video launch on YouTube, a social media and video sharing website, is the first in what will be a series of videos released on YouTube that are designed to entertain and educate the public about Bounty’s benefits.  The P&G advertisements will certainly not be the only ones designed specifically for YouTube.  Companies are having to become increasingly innovative in their marketing strategies to stay relevant in today’s changing media landscape.

In addition to the YouTube video, Bounty fans can follow the brand online and share the “Bring It” video with friends at the recently launched Facebook page.