Aussie blue cheese best in the world

Posted by Josette Dunn on 22nd March 2010

Gippsland based Jindi Cheese has achieved the highest ranking for a blue cheese at the world’s most prestigious cheese awards.

Jindi Blue Range In the same year that Jindi Cheese almost perished in the fires that ravaged Gippsland in February, Normandy born veteran cheese artisan, Franck Beaurain, created what is arguably the world’s best blue cheese – Jindi Deluxe Blue.

In a huge coup for regional Australian cheese making, Australia’s own Jindi Cheese has risen from the ashes to be awarded the highest ranked blue cheese for its Jindi Deluxe Blue at the prestigious 28th biennial World Championship Cheese Contest in Wisconsin.

The World Championship Cheese Contest is recognized by the global cheese industry as the world’s most prestigious awards. Beaurain’s new Jindi Deluxe Blue received the highest score in the contest across all blue categories (Blue Veined – Exterior Moulding, Blue Veined, Gorgonzola) positioning the Jindi Deluxe Blue as the highest ranked blue cheese in the world with a judge’s ‘near perfect’ score of 99.65.

In light of iconic Australian brands selling out to global conglomerates, this is a monumental win for Australian manufacturing and regional Victoria, and a proud event for Jindi and its cheese-making team. This year ‘s competition was particularly fierce. The contest received a record total of 2313 entries from around the world judged by a panel of 30 highly experienced and skilled technical cheese experts from 14 nations.

Based in regional Victoria, Jindi Cheese is the largest private Australian-owned specialty cheese manufacturer and the only Australian company to receive a Best in Class award at this year’s Contest.

With the help of his cheese-making team, Beaurain is creating world-class cheese with Jindi’s new state-of-the-art blue and white mould cheese facilities. In just one year, Beaurain has taken Jindi Cheese in a new and exciting direction that is reaping rewards on the world stage.

“Our new Jindi Deluxe Blue was judged against cheese of the highest quality. In the past we have been recognised locally and internationally for our Brie. I am thrilled Jindi has made its mark with the Jindi Deluxe Blue.

“We have worked hard to produce a blue cheese of world-class standard. I am proud to say our small team of cheese-makers in regional Victoria can take on the world and win,” said Beaurain.