New Swiss food tourism destination

Posted by Josette Dunn on 31st March 2010

A new centre which will take visitors through a historical journey of chocolate was inaugurated today by Nestlé Switzerland.


The CHF 7 million renovation project at The Maison Cailler visitor centre in the Swiss town of Broc, aims to create a unique experience for the whole family and bring the world of chocolate to life.

Officially opening its doors to members of the public on April 1, 2010, visitors will be able to walk through nine themed areas, including Aztec temples and Swiss hillsides. In addition, visitors will be led around a production line to watch chocolate bars being made and have the opportunity to taste the final product.

The new centre also offers chocolate enthusiasts interactive workshops to learn how to make praline and truffles under the guidance of an expert chocolatier. Reservations can be made through the Cailler website .

The Maison Cailler factory – which opened in 1898 – has been a hub of innovation for chocolate making within Nestlé. Employing over 400 people, the factory in the region of Gruyère produces an average of 65 tonnes of chocolate per day.

The site is also home to the Nestlé Chocolate Centre of Excellence (CCE), the Company’s first R&D facility entirely dedicated to the development of premium and luxury chocolate.