Natural Products Insider reviews food fortification trends

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 6th April 2010

Food scientist Vanessa Teter, of food-enhancement technology company Watson Inc, has published a review of the latest trends in food fortification for Natural Products Insider.

The review named the top three vitamins and minerals for food fortification as calcium, vitamin A and vitamin D.

Vitamins C and E are listed as up-and-coming additives, with their antioxidant properties and possible cancer treatment potential boosting popularity. Vitamin E weathered a number of negative and inconclusive studies to establish itself; according to Teter, “There has actually been a rather market increase in requests for vitamin E. Antioxidant blends are becoming quite popular, often with vitamin E added.”

Fibre enrichment has also been a top trend, with a variety of possible health benefits.

The review also noted that fortified products are increasing in popularity, with vitamins and minerals being added to large numbers of new products, including bread and even water. This trend has been supported by new technologies assisting in undetectable fortification, improved flavour and product appearance.