UK: 10 Key Trends in Food, Nutrition and Health 2010

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 27th April 2010

A new report for just-food by industry expert Julian Mellentin forecasts the ten key trends for food, nutrition and health in 2010.

According to the report, digestive health continues to be the biggest trend. Its importance to consumers has been underscored by the impressive growth rates of digestive health brands, with sales of even premium brands increasing by 10%-20% during the recession. And yet digestive health still has huge areas of untapped potential in most countries around the world, especially for fibre fortified products and products in the beverage and cereal categories.

Bones and Movement enters the top-10 trends this year for the first time. It’s a trend that has been gathering momentum thanks to the increasing number of people over the age of 40, who have more reason to be aware of the health of their bones and joints. It’s a niche that is getting bigger fast and it’s a significant area of opportunity in every continent – and one that has not been fully exploited anywhere except in Asia.

The potential of bones and movement has already got the attention of Europe’s most innovation-minded companies, where the new ultra-restrictive health claims regime may leave “bone health” as one of the very few permitted claims.

The “feel the benefit” advantage of the Elations joint health brand means that it is set for sales of US$55 million (A$59 million) in 2010, compared to just US$15 million (A$16 million) two years ago. Offering a benefit that people can feel “has been shown to be an incredibly meaningful claim,” said a spokesperson for Elations.

Mellentin’s 10 Key Trends for 2010 are :
1. Digestive health – a mega-trend moves beyond the tipping point
2. An intrinsic health benefit that’s also convenient
3. Feel the benefit – the most powerful marketing message
4. Energy – a world of untapped opportunities
5. Fruit and superfruit – the future of food and health
6. Antioxidants – big in America, dead in Europe?
7. Weight management
8. Healthy snacking
9. Packaging and premiumisation
10. Bones and movement

This year the repor al so includes 7 Micro-Trends. These are :
1. Protein power
2. Kids’ nutrition
3. New life for heart-health and cholesterol-lowering?
4. Probiotics’ new prospects
5. Immunity – a great claim that’s hard to use
6. Fresh start for omega-3?
7. Beauty an ultra-niche opportunity

“Whatever the benefit your brand is offering, it’s key to make sure there is a clear benefit platform and that consumers can quickly feel or measure or experience the benefit – that’s how people see they’re getting value for money,” Mellentin observes.

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