Coca-Cola trials climate-friendly vending machines

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 4th May 2010

Coca-Cola has installed 35 new climate-friendly vending machines at the US Government’s Capitol buildings in Washington, D.C., home of the US House of Representatives.

The new HFC-free (hydro-fluorocarbon free) cooling technology has around 1430 times less impact on global warming than a standard vending machine, and will reduce indirect greenhouse gas emissions by over five tons during the lifetime of the machine.

The switch is part of the Green the Capitol program, finding new ways to reduce the environmental footprint of the government and the businesses that supply it.

“The conversion to HFC-free vending machines will produce a dramatic reduction in our greenhouse gas emissions over time,” said House of Representatives Chief Administrative Officer, Dan Beard. “This new technology from Coca-Cola  supports the spirit of the Green the Capitol program and gives the House staff yet another green option. Through Coca-Cola’s environmental efforts as well as our own, we are setting an example of the greener future we hope to achieve as a nation.”

In addition to the HFC-free coolers and vending machines, Coca-Cola has introduced hybrid-electric delivery trucks and trailers, a closed-loop recycling program for the Capitol buildings and facilities, and a new recycling program for visitors and events held in Washington parks.

“We value our relationship with the House of Representatives and the opportunity to showcase innovative solutions that accomplish our mutual environmental goals,” said Steve Cahillane, president, Coca-Cola Enterprises North America.

Coca-cola and its bottling partners plan to transition to the new HFC-free machines and coolers for all new purchases by 2015.