Adelaide and Fremantle Australia’s first Fair Trade Cities

Posted by Josette Dunn on 10th May 2010

Adelaide City Council has become the country’s first Fair Trade Capital City and has joined Fremantle City Council in becoming Australia’s first two Fair Trade Cities, the Fair Trade Association of Australia & New Zealand (FTAANZ) announced today.

Alongside this exciting development, FTAANZ also announced that Leichardt Municipal Council (NSW) joins Manly Council (NSW) and Yarra Council (VIC) as the country’s third Fair Trade Council.

The announcements come as Australia celebrates Fair Trade Fortnight – the country’s biggest annual celebration of all things fair trade. Fair Trade Fortnight 2010 recognises the life-changing difference making the big swap to fair trade can make to the lives of millions of developing country farmers, workers, their families and communities.
FTAANZ Operations Manager Cameron Neil said with Adelaide becoming Australia’s first Fair Trade Capital City, and Fremantle becoming Western Australia’s first Fair Trade City, Australia was now part of a global movement which has more than 500 Fair Trade Towns and Cities across the world including London, Rome, Edinburgh, Wellington and San Francisco.

“Within Australia, Adelaide, Fremantle and Leichhardt join over 300 Fair Trade Communities across the country including other councils, workplaces, schools and faith groups who have signed up to make the big swap to fair trade in order to help tackle poverty and create better futures for developing country farmers, producers, their families and communities,” he said.

“Not only are they ensuring that producers can grow and develop their businesses but they are also helping send kids to school, build roads and ensure access to better health care in these communities,” he said.

Mr Neil said to become a Fair Trade City or Council, Adelaide, Fremantle & Leichhardt had passed resolutions in support of fair trade; implemented procurement of Fairtrade Certified products including coffee and tea; and would work with members of the local community to form a steering group to promote fair trade in their local area through businesses, schools, faith groups and other organisations.

“By awarding Fair Trade status to Adelaide, Fremantle and Leichhardt, we are recognising the journey they have already undertaken in their support of fair trade as well as the future work they have committed to. Fair Trade City and Council status acknowledges the potential for partnerships between councils, the community and business in dealing with global issues like poverty,” Mr Neil said.

“FTAANZ acknowledges the hard work of all the staff members, supporter groups and individuals in Adelaide, Fremantle and Leichhardt who have championed the fair trade cause and helped their community meet the requirements to achieve Fair Trade status,” he said.

Mr Neil said he looked forward to other Australian cities following the lead of Adelaide and Fremantle.

“The challenge has now been set for other capital cities and towns to follow suit and help make a significant contribution to improving awareness and education about fair trade and the issues it seeks to address,” he said.

Mr Neil said Adelaide, Fremantle and Leichhardt would each be awarded their respective titles at separate presentation ceremonies held as part of major Fair Trade Fortnight celebrations in each city and municipality.

“Adelaide City Council will be awarded their Fair Trade City status last Friday as part of the Fair Trade Celebration being held in the Rundle Street Mall all week.