National trade measurements a milestone in food industry

Posted by Janice Wong on 20th May 2010

After more than a decade of industry push to Australian governments, Australia has now adopted internationally competitive and uniform national trade measurements, which will bring Australian requirements for weights and measures on pre-packaged goods into line with other major OECD countries, including New Zealand and Europe.

Chief Executive of Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC) Kate Carnell believes this is a milestone and said the new single national system will allow industry to improve efficiencies through reduced regulatory burdens on manufactured food and groceries.”This is an important step forward for Australia’s food and grocery manufacturing industry by enable industry to be more internationally competitive with trade measurement,” Ms Carnell said.

“National measurement uniformity has been an issue industry has been pressing Australian governments on for over a decade and we are happy it has been achieved.

“For example, the measurements of a can of baked beans made in Australia will now be in line with similar products in Australia’s export markets, including New Zealand and Europe.”

Under the proposed changes to take effect on 1 July 2010, the National Measurement Institute (NMI) will become the regulatory body responsible for trade measurement throughout Australia. This will benefit business by reducing state compliance differences, reduces fee burdens and brings Australia on an equal footing with trading partners.

The national system will also ensure uniformity of measurement legislation and regulation across Australia. Consumers will benefit with NMI becoming the national one-stop-shop for all trade measurement consumer information and queries.