PowerBar launches Gel Blasts energy chews

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 25th May 2010

PowerBar Gel BlastsSports nutrition manufacturer PowerBar has launched a new energy chew product, PowerBar Gel Blasts, designed to deliver maximum energy for consumers in high-impact sports and workouts.

The liquid-filled chews, available in lemon and raspberry, are made using the carbohydrate blend C2 Max – a mixture of glucose and fructose designed to deliver energy to working muscles faster than glucose alone.  Each chew contains 5g of carbohydrates, for a before- or during-exercise energy boost.

The products, unlike PowerBar’s other offerings, are designed for “anyone interested in fitness” and are also designed for people to enjoy as treats.

Each resealable pack contains nine energy chews, costs $3.69 and are available from most supermakrets, pharmacies, health food stores, specialty bike shops and selected gyms.