Campbell’s soup rolls out new reduced-salt soups in US

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 16th June 2010

Campbell’s Soup - low sodiumCampbell Soup Company will begin shipping 21 lines of reduced-sodium soup this month, with salt levels reduced between 25% and 45% on previous levels.

The soups, including favorites like Chicken with Rice and Minestrone, are expected to appear on supermarket shelves beginning in June, with all varieties in stores by mid-September. Most will feature communication on the front label that reads “Less Sodium – With Natural Sea Salt Added” to indicate that they are now lower in sodium.

Campbells has now reduced the sodium in nearly 130 of its products, including 45 Campbell’s condensed soups.

“Reducing sodium in nearly half of our flagship condensed soups is a critical milestone in Campbell’s long-standing sodium reduction efforts. Beyond simply offering lower sodium product lines, we’ve also made significant sodium reductions in our original soups,” said Lisa Walker, Vice President Campbell’s condensed soup, broth and Campbell’s Kitchen.

“We know from our decades of experience in sodium reduction that people want foods that are reduced in sodium and taste good, and we are confident that these soups deliver the great taste that people expect from Campbell.”