OzHarvest’s Feed Sydney brings diners in droves

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 17th June 2010

OzHarvestThe Feed Sydney campaign, created by OzHarvest’s Ronni Kahn and John Dee of action group Do Something, has brought diners to Sydney’s restaurants in the name of charity.

The campaign, which was launched on Tuesday 1 June by OzHarvest’s patron Thérèse Rein, aims to provide 250,000 meals over winter to those in need.

Some of Sydney’s top dining establishments, including Matt Moran’s ARIA, Kumar Mahadevan’s Aki’s and Robert Marchetti’s Icebergs, offered patrons a chance to tack a few extra dollars onto their bill for the charity last night.

“$1 equals one meal,” said Kahn. “It’s really simple to make a difference. While you’re enjoying your good meal you can know you’re helping.”

“Food poverty in NSW is a hidden epidemic. Many of those suffering include children going to school without breakfast, families where a parent has lost their job, the elderly, frail, the unemployed, the homeless and the sick,” OzHarvest said in a release.

“Increasingly, however, it is the working poor. They pay their mortgage or rent and the weekly bills but do not have enough money left for a week’s worth of food. They will sacrifice food and even medicine to keep a roof over their heads.”