Emerging trends in Asia-Pacific Region

Posted by Josette Dunn on 23rd June 2010

Chocolate that will help with oral health care and a drink designed to “bridge the hunger gap” between meals are among the world’s newest consumer goods which have led the experts at Product Launch Analytics to predict the emerging trends which are hitting shelves in Asia-Pacific region.

* A natural appetite suppressant said to help consumers with weight loss and oral health care, Pinno Thin is a new ingredient added to the confectionery sector. ‘Ador Chocolate’, launched in Japan and other markets, is the first in the chocolate space to use pine nut oil as a functional additive and the first to use the branded Pinno Thin ingredient.

* “Exciting new creations”, – fruits and nuts paired with single origin chocolate, herbs and spices – will be the new flavour in Australia. The most amazing combination in the Baru Chocolate Paired Dragees range is the chocolate, almond and olive blend which should attract the more adventurous consumer.

* 5g of protein and 1.5g of fiber per 500ml serving is the new drink recipe designed to “bridge the hunger gap” between meals. WH2Ole is the brand name of a range of Functional Water drinks available in New Zealand which are said to aid the feeling of fullness.

* Adding “A little sparkle…to pep up the most jaded soul” is the claim of the Australian Caves Road B Vitamin Enhanced Waters from Margaret River Beverages. The drink, which is said to enhance the mood of the consumer, is available in Lemon Lime & Bitters, Berry, and Green Apple & Ginger.

Cesar Pereira, Research Manager at Product Launch Analytics, said: “New products containing innovative ingredients such as Pinno Thin, with its weight loss and oral health care benefits, are important in helping to predict trends. We expect more products containing these innovative ingredients to be filling shelves in Asia-Pacific soon”.