Coles to track its beef

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 24th June 2010

Coles has upped its support for the Queensland meat industry, introducing a ‘100% QLD Beef’ logo for its Queensland customers.

The initiative uses the National Livestock Identification System, allowing Coles to trace the origin of its beef products. The NLIS was introduced in Australia in 1999 as part of requirements for export to the EU, tracking livestock throughout their lifetimes.

Coles said that they have been working for many years to develop a hole-proof system with Australian Country Choice and Colestock, a group of Queensland livestock producers.

Coles said they would now ensure that data was tracked and controlled.

“Previously, we did not separate the individual animals to the same degree as now. We knew they were from upper NSW or Queensland, and that all the meat was Australian, but now we are separating the NSW cattle from those born and bred in Queensland,” said a Coles spokesperson.

In an average year, Coles purchases approximately 225,000 head of cattle, 75 per cent of which is procured from Queensland farmers – around 101 million kg.

Coles General Manager of Meat Allister Watson said that after a long term development period, he and his team are excited to bring to Queenslanders the opportunity to consciously support their own communities and celebrate their great produce.

“From Mareeba in the North to Mt Isa in the west and south to the Brisbane Valley, Queensland produces premium quality beef products. This initiative is all about ensuring Queenslanders can easily identify and enjoy these products, with the comfort of knowing they’re supporting locals,” said Watson.

Coles confirmed that it plans to explore the possibility of similar labelling for beef products around Australia.