Ferrero to slash carbon emissions 17%

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 24th June 2010

Italian confectionary maker Ferrero is looking to cut its carbon emissions by 17% by 2013 as part of a sustainability drive outlined in a report published by the maker of Ferrero Rocher, Rafaello, Nutella and Kinder yesterday.”We are proud of the fact that the commitment to Ferrero entrepreneurial values goes together with our engagement of working for the benefit of the local communities and territories where we operate,” said Pietro Ferrero CEO of Ferrero International.

“The respect for the environment, food safety issues, life conditions in countries where we operate and social issues have always been at the core of our activities.”

In a report that reaches over 100 pages, Ferrero said its overall decrease in annual CO2 emmissions expected to take place by 2013 is equal to 17% with respect to measures taken in 2007. It would achieve this with a combination of actions including decreased consumption, decrease in the use of fossil fuels and the use of renewable sources.

On top of this, the company said that it hopes to decrease overall energy consumption by 19-20% compared to 2007 data by 2013. In part, this would be done by joint production of electrical and thermal energy through high efficiency co-generation plants.

Ferrero already has a number of the self-production plants for energy operational, and more are scheduled to become operational in the near future. The company said that upon completion of its investment programme, expected to be carried out by 2013, the group’s overall independent production capacity will reach more than 85MW, with an annual electrical energy production of 600GWH/year, covering the needs of all its European production facilities.

Ferrero’s full sustainability report can be found at the Ferrero website.

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