Table of Plenty Dukkahs

Posted by Josette Dunn on 9th August 2010

Table of Plenty’s delicious dukkah range is just the thing to spice up your menu and impress your dinner guests – offering a taste of the exotic with the greatest of ease.

Kate Weiss, founder of Table of Plenty, discovered dukkah whilst living in the Middle East and decided to begin producing her own version of the popular spice blend locally in Australia.

“I have always been passionate about food and am fortunate to have travelled extensively – experiencing other cultures, their traditions and their foods. I fell in love with the spice markets of the Middle East and the exotic, deep, rich flavours that I found there,” Kate said.

“Dukkah is a delicious crunchy blend of roasted nuts with seeds, herbs and spices. Traditionally, bread is dipped in oil and then in the dukkah as a tasty snack or appetiser – however, the uses for our Table of Plenty dukkahs are endless and we are excited to offer this exotic blend to Australian consumers,” Kate said.

Table of Plenty dukkahs are a tasty and healthy alternative for crumbing meat, adding texture and taste to salads and as a seasoning on mashed potatoes, roast pumpkin, steamed vegetables or cous cous.

“With the popularity of gourmet food on the up and up – demand for exotic and exciting ingredients is increasing. But with our busy lifestyles getting more hectic all the time, it doesn’t mean we all have the time to put in to our cooking. Our dukkah range is so easy to use and it adds a certain spark to your menu – it offers a taste of the exotic right there at your dinner table,” Kate said.

Table of Plenty Pistachio Dukkah
Pistachio nuts have a very distinctive flavour that stands well on its own. Although they are not the traditional nut for dukkah, Table of Plenty feels that they evoke the flavours of the Middle East to the greatest extent, as they are native to that region.

Kate recommends the Pistachio Dukkah as an appetizer with bread and olive oil or with vegetables or chicken to add a new dimension.

Table of Plenty Almond Dukkah
Almonds are the nut used most frequently in traditional Egyptian dukkah. Their mild and versatile flavour compliments the tried and tested herb and spice combination in this blend.

Kate recommends this dukkah with any of the recipes found at as the almond flavour is a good match for all.

Australian made and owned, Table of Plenty dukkahs are all natural – containing 100 per cent spice with no bulking. With a high percentage of nuts, the dukkahs are free of artificial preservatives, colours and flavours, are low GI and contain minimal carbohydrates. They are also gluten free and wheat free and suitable for Kosher and Halal consumption.

“Our dukkahs are full of flavour and nutrition with the main source of nutritional value coming from the nuts. Nuts and seeds have been shown to be an important part of a healthy diet and are more nutrient-dense than other foods – they are rich sources of protein, fiber, B-vitamins, folic acid, calcium, iron, zinc, and the antioxidants vitamin E and selenium,” Kate said.

Table of Plenty dukkahs are available in a 45 gram retail sachet throughout the country at Coles, Woolworths and independent outlets. RRP $3.75.