Eagle Boys beefs up choice-cut meats in new Butcher’s Block

Posted by Josette Dunn on 30th August 2010

MasterChef madness has spilled into the Eagle Boys kitchen, with a surge in demand for choice-cut meat prompting the national pizza maker to launch its latest premium pizza, the Butcher’s Block.


Eagle Boys has beefed up its meatiest pizza with chorizo, tender steak strips, double pepperoni, bacon rashers and ham, finished off with hollandaise sauce and fresh parsley.

Eagle Boys CEO Todd Clayton said the Butcher’s Block was the result of market research into Australian tastebuds and would be plated up in September for a limited time only.

“Our top selling pizza, BBQ Meat Lovers, together with a growing demand for gourmet ingredients, has inspired us to create a fusion of prime cut meat, velvety hollandaise and fresh herbs,” he said.

“This premium product will bring a touch of MasterChef into households across Australia, without the pressure test. And with football finals just around the corner, we think the Butcher’s Block will strike a chord with fans around the country looking for a treat to enjoy while watching the game.

“The Butcher’s Block’s exotic flavours are supplied by some of the world’s best livestock producers – right here in Australia.