Ghermez Cupcakes honours great Australian women

Posted by Josette Dunn on 13th September 2010

Sydney cupcake company Ghermez Cupcakes, is today launching its inaugural Inspirational Women of Australia Awards, by unveiling unique, special edition cupcake flavours inspired by three accomplished Aussie women, Cate Blanchett, Quentin Bryce and Gail Kelly.


Internationally-renowned actor and Co-Artistic Director of the Sydney Theatre Company, Cate Blanchett is represented by a white chocolate flavoured cake with smooth white chocolate buttercream icing, mirroring the star’s trademark snowy complexion. It features a gold theatrical mask on top.

Not only was she the first woman to ascend to the role of Governor General, but Quentin Bryce was also one of the first women admitted to the bar in Queensland and only the second female Governor of that state.

The Governor General’s cupcake is a saffron cake, with saffron-coloured vanilla buttercream icing. The golden crown that adorns the top of the cupcake reflects her position as the Queen’s representative in Australia.

Gail Kelly is the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Westpac Banking Corporation and was named the 11th most powerful woman in the world by US business publication Forbes magazine in 2008. Her inspired cupcake is chocolate mud with smooth dark chocolate buttercream icing and adorned with a golden dollar sign, reflecting her involvement in finance and business sectors.

The three cupcakes have been released as a tribute to the three women, and feature specially-designed gold adornments that are symbolic of each woman’s accomplishments and have been created to commemorate the contribution they and other women make to Australian society every day.

Ghermez Cupcakes’ founder and Managing Director, Ghazaleh Lyari, believes women’s achievements are worthy of celebration.

“These women have done extraordinary things for society. They are wives, mothers, professionals and role models. Each of them, in their own way, has inspired me to fulfill my potential and strive to be the best in any field I choose to participate” she explains.

“I want to pay tribute to women, in my own way, from a wide spectrum of professional and personal backgrounds and I hope that other women can be inspired to see their own dreams come to fruition. I want women in Sydney to look at these cupcakes and imagine the symbol that their own cupcakes might feature, then work towards making that happen,” she adds.

The three limited edition cupcakes are available for one week in September, from Ghermez Cupcakes stores.