Uncle Tobys releases Plus Essentials for Women

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 23rd September 2010

Uncle Tobys has added a new variety to its Plus muesli line of breakfast cereals, Plus Essentials for Women.

Uncle Toby’s Plus Essentials for WomenThe Plus line integrates a variety of vitamins, functional and ‘superfood’ ingredients into one of the most popular items for nutritional enhancements: breakfasts.

The Nestlé-owned company has created the new 97% fat free cereal with pomegranates and berry oat clusters, and added five “essential nutrients for women’s wellbeing”: antioxidants A & E, fibre, iron, calcium and folate.

A Nestlé spokesperson said that the company was inspired by the success of the Burgen Soy-Lin Bread for Women’s Wellbeing, to create Australia’s first cereal targeted specifically at women’s nutritional needs. Market research allowed the company to select nutrients for fortification that women felt they were specifically lacking.

The Plus range already includes a variety of functionally-enhanced cereals, including Antioxidant Lift, Omega 3 Lift, Fibre Lift, Protein Lift and Sports Lift. It also features a traditional Muesli Flakes line.

The product, launched in late July and on shelves since late August, is supported by a What’s New television commercial, and is available in 420g and 620g boxes.