Consumers hold the key to SA’s food industry growth

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 7th October 2010

Listening to consumers and monitoring consumer trends is vital if the South Australian food industry is to increase its competitiveness, according to a new food industry market intelligence report.

South Australian Agriculture and Food Minister Michael O’Brien last night released the report entitled “Food Consumption and Consumers: Who, What, Where and Why?”

It was compiled by Primary Industries and Resources South Australia (PIRSA) to outline the issues that are shaping consumer trends across the food industry.

O’Brien said the report offers insight into opportunities for differentiation and growth in the market.

“The report considers the major factors behind why consumers make particular purchase decisions and what value they perceive in products,” O’Brien said.

“This report provides food industry businesses with information and tools they need to become more consumer-driven and respond to the needs of the market.”

O’Brien said the report, the fifth prepared by PIRSA and compiled with input from food experts, provides resources to understand current consumer trends and techniques for companies considering undertaking more specific research in the future.

“The report is designed to help businesses understand consumers and how that knowledge can shape business development,” he said.

The macro-trends indicated within the report show that consumer purchases are largely guided by convenience, enjoyment, health and value.

“It also shows that consumers are beginning to place more importance on authenticity in ethical and local food.

“And it highlights the importance of the processed food industry in generating value within the state.”

A real-life case study on South Australian business Tucker’s Natural, supports the report and demonstrates the importance of connecting consumer trends with product and marketing.

Consistent in recognising the importance of consumers, the theme of this year’s Premier’s Food Industry Awards is “consume”.

Judging is currently under way and winners will be announced at the awards presentation gala dinner on Friday, November 5 at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

“Meeting and leading consumer trends will improve our competitiveness and assist our processed food industry to continue to flourish into the future,” O’Brien said.