Coca-Cola introduces Vitamin D enhanced beverage

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 12th October 2010

vitaminwater stur-DCoca-Cola has released a new line in its US glaceau vitaminwater range, vitaminwater stur-D, a beverage fortified with vitamin D, calcium and vitamin C, and containing 5% juice. The drink, which is is a blue agave/passionfruit/citrus flavoured blend, is also the first enhanced water/juice with a solely fruit-derived blue colouring.

Coca-Cola said that the drink was prompted by increased consumer awareness around vitamin D and low national levels of the substance.

Each 236ml (8 fl oz) serve contains 10% of the US daily value for vitamin D and calcium, and 120% of the daily value for vitamin C. The drink also includes 40% of daily requirements for vitamins B3, B5, B6 and B12. One bottle contains 591ml (20 fl oz).

“This has truly been an exciting year for the vitaminwater trademark – from the successful launch of vitaminwater zero to a breakthrough in industry innovation like vitaminwater stur-D,” said Matt Kahn, Senior Vice President, Brand Marketing. “These are true testaments to vitaminwater’s commitment to meeting consumers’ needs and ever-evolving lifestyles.”

Vitaminwater stur-D will join the brand’s US range of offerings in December 2010 for a RRP of US$1.49.